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"When grown don't do the same"- this is a simple message sent from a child of Chile to a child in Iraq.

The terrible war situation held in the Middle East and the humanitarian crisis that this causes, has it's mayor impact over the less fortunate, our children and adolescents.

We are aware that the genetic and political elements causing this crisis are very complex. As human beings, pediatricians, health providers and guardians of our childhood, definitively can't be indifferent towards this situation, which at the long term affects directly the population we care and take care of.

War, no matter the cause, is the way that humanity shows its imperfection. We strongly condemned the missile attack from Gaza to Israel, as well as the Israeli response affecting the civilian population. As we postulate, at this present in time, in the Gaza frontier, in Iraq, in Colombia, or were there is a war conflict in our world, the population mostly affected during these absurd war times are the children, innocent boys, girls and adolescents that live in these regions.

We, the Latin American Pediatric Association, representing pediatricians of all Latin countries and in marked defense of the children of the world, want to unite efforts in the initiative over any other consideration, to demand these governments involved in this war to:

- Suspend future hostilities, especially those affecting the children and civilian population.

- Allow the immediate transport of the seriously wounded to regional facilities more appropriate for healthcare services.

- Facilitate the entrance of medical services and humanitarian help into Gaza.

- Provide medical, nutritional, social and psychological attention in a prioritizing way to the children and young adults.

- Assure that the main goal of each child is to live, grow and develop with dignity, peace and respect, with their own family, in their society and without any discrimination.

- Work intensively to reach a diplomatic statute, to reach long lasting peace for all nations of our world.


Directive Committee of ALAPE
Latin American Pediatric Association





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